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Mini Makeovers include hair, make up and nails.  These two hour parties are usually designed for smaller groups of 10 or less and are a great alternative to regular face painting. Larger parties are possible, where children choose 2 out of the 3 options.


Glitter Tattoos can add extra fun to any event.  You can add this as an extra to your face painting booking or book glitter tattoos solely.

Glitter Tattoos can be a little hard to photograph as they are extremely reflective but in reality they look stunning.


As they are waterproof they can last anything from 3-5 days although washing and drying can cause them to fade.


They can be removed with 99% alcohol or simple baby oil or they will fade with time.


They should not be used on children under 3.


They should not be used on the face.


If booked well in advance (3 weeks) it is possible to request a certain theme and stencils can then be purchased before hand.


Glitter Tattoos and Mini Makeovers

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